Information and Referral Listings
U.S./Canada State Psychological Associations
(in alphabetical order by country)

The following phone numbers are for state or provincial psychological associations. They typically have information and referral listings for their local area, or will otherwise help you find a qualified psychologist or therapist. If you experience a difficulty with a number here that is out of service or out of date, please e-mail me at so I may keep this list as accurate as possible.

The numbers listed below are now a year or two out of date, and may or may not be active or correct. If so, you can try calling the therapist referral number for the American Psychological Association (see paragraph below). The APA states:

"A psychologist can help you cope with many of life's problems. The American Psychological Association does not provide referral services. For a referral to a psychologist in your area call 1-800-964-2000. The operator will use your zip code to locate and connect you with the referral system in your area. Neither APA nor the operators answering the 800 number can respond to specific questions regarding personal situations, appropriate diagnosis or treatment, or otherwise provide any clinical opinions. If you do not live in the United States or Canada, contact your national psychological association or local mental health facility. If you believe you need immediate assistance, please call your local emergency number or the mental health crisis hotline listed in your local phone book's government pages. Because APA does not operate, supervise, or exercise any control over any of the above-referenced referral services, it makes no representations or warranty whatsoever, either express or implied, regarding any information or advice provided by these referral services. In no event shall APA be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on information provided by these referral services." --

United States
(incl. Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands)

The link just below will take you to the most current listing of U.S. state and Canadian provincial psychological associations. Try calling them and asking for assistance. 
Link to up-to-date list:

Alabama    334-262-8245
Alaska       907-786-1795
Arizona     602-675-9477
Arkansas    501-614-6500
California  (Click for complete listings)
Colorado   303-692-9303
Connecticut  860-586-7522
District of Columbia  202-336-5557
Delaware   302-478-2591
Florida       800-254-5210
Georgia      404-351-9555
Hawaii       808-394-0388
Idaho         208-375-0125
Illinois        312-372-7610
Indiana       317-686-5348
Iowa          800-779-2001
Kansas        785-354-8430
Kentucky    877-572-8255
Louisiana    225-344-8839
Maine         800-287-5065
Maryland     800-528-9686
Massachusetts  617-523-6320
Michigan     248-473-9070
Minnesota    651-489-2964
Mississippi   601-366-3105
Missouri       573-634-8852
Montana      406-252-2559
Nebraska     402-475-0709
Nevada       775-684-5934
New Hampshire  800-228-6476
New Jersey  973-535-9888
New Mexico  800-362-2013
New York     800-445-0899
No. Carolina  919-872-1005
No. Dakota   701-223-9045
Ohio (Cleveland)  216-397-9229
Ohio (Cincinnati)  513-779-2181
Ohio (Columbus)   614-224-0034
Oklahoma    405-879-0069
Oregon        503-253-9155
Pennsylvania (Harris)  717-232-3817
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)  215-885-2562
Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)  412-682-7140
Puerto Rico  787-751-7100
Rhode Island  401-728-5570
So. Carolina   803-771-6050
So. Dakota   605-332-2286
Tennessee    901-372-1015
Texas           512-454-2449
Utah            801-359-5646
Vermont       802-229-5447
Virgin Islands  340-776-3653
Virginia        540-667-5544
Washington   800-275-9772
West Virginia  304-523-8252
Wisconsin      608-251-1450
Wyoming       307-745-3167


Manitoba        204-487-0784
Mont Royal      514-738-1223
Nova Scotia    902-422-9183
Toronto          800-268-0069
Vancouver      604-730-0522

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