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Sorry to swap you to a different web page just to e-mail me, but there are a few things you need to know before sending me or any other therapist an electronic communication.

While I wish the world of hackers, surreptitious monitoring of employees' computer behaviors, stolen laptops, and other such evils did not exist, for the sake of the confidentiality and security of any who come to this site looking for help, the following points need to be made:  

I have adopted the policies discussed on this web page to prevent risk to clients, breach of security, breach of confidentiality, and to assure compliance with ethical and legal standards of health care delivery.

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Do you give advice or therapy via e-mail or telephone?

Clinical services will not be delivered through email. Clinical services include counseling, psychotherapy, testing, consultation, and group therapy. All clients are advised to contact clinicians by telephone or in person to receive clinical services. There are web sites that claim they offer on-line counseling. As I am not aware of their effectiveness or legitimacy, I can not at this time recommend any particular one. Still, if you are somehow unable to see a therapist (say, you live in a very remote area), you may wish to try such a service, but in this as in other areas of purchasing or obtaining services and products, the buyer should research carefully and be cautious. 

Click here to e-mail me: sfpsych at gmail dot com

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Links on E-mail Security and Telehealth

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The Perils of Sending Unsecured E-mails
(The above site is sponsored by a firm that sells encryption software. I do not endorse this or any other software product or website, and offer them for informational purposes only.)

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