Taking the MMPI-2

I do standard psychological assessments, which can include the MMPI-2. (Note that the makers of the MMPI-2 now have a version for adolescents: the MMPI-A.) All assessments should ethically and professionally follow from a particular assessment or referral question. While I will administer and personally score and interpret the MMPI for both patients and other contracting professionals, I do so only in the context of a general helping approach. It is important to remember that no test by itself can produce sufficient data to make a reliable and valid psychological diagnosis. Also, typically, only a psychologist who is trained in evaluating test data and instruments is legally allowed to administer the MMPI. (This might include a trained school psychologist or psychiatrist, but not a Marriage and Family Counselor (MFT) or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)).

For questions about obtaining the MMPI-2, or about qualifications to administer the test, please contact the test publisher, Pearson Assessments.

Please call for inquiries regarding costs of administration and interpretation of the MMPI-2, as well as other psychological testing. My office phone is 415-362-8262. Typically, an administration of the MMPI-2 alone includes a minimum of an initial hour consult and follow-up hour interpretative session.

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